Lash & Brow Enhancements

Lash & Brow Enhancements

Lashes and Brow Enhancements

Why not wake up beautiful every morning. This will allow you to simplify your morning routine. Our lash and brow pro’s will assist you in selecting the correct lash length and curl to achieve your desired results in addition to; tinting brows. We offer a variety of lash enhancements suitable for the minimalist to the diva. Additional brow enhancements will soon be available as well, such as semi-permanent brows and brow extensions.


Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

flirt lashes $75 perfect for the minimalist, the flirt look focuses on adhering lash extensions on corner of eyes and minimally throughout the rest of your lashes for a flirtation look. flirt fill $40+

classic look lash set $150 A beautiful and full set that gives you the natural look while still adding length, thickness, and curl to your upper eyelash area. Perfect for the wake up and ready to go routine. classic fill $65+

luscious look $200 If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, then the luscious look is for you. Very full, but still gorgeous & natural looking lashes. if you desire even more volume and fullness you may want to try our volume 2D or 3D lashes. luscious fill $85+

Volume 2D lashes $250, 3D lashes $300 2D/3D eyelash extensions expand the limited effect of traditional eyelash extensions, allowing you to fill in even the thinnest eyelashes, creating maximum fullness that lasts. double or triple the volume and truly maximize the thickness of your eyelashes.

lattice pattern corrections $20 (add on) this is for clients with cowlicks or gaps in there lashes. Our technicians can correct many lash obstacles.


Other Enhancements

lash tinting $40 brow tint $25 a wonderful way to enhance your eyes and frame your face without daily makeup application.  your lashes and brows will remain beautifully tinted for up to one month, and will naturally and gradually fade (save $10 when schedule a lash and brow tint together)

lash lift $100 ($120 w/ lash tint) A lash lift creates a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length, and making the eyes appear more open. Its recommended that lashes are tinted as well to give the illusion of a more voluminous lash line. lash lifts typically last 4 – 6 weeks or more.

temporary lashes $30 (either cluster lashes or strip lashes) our temporary lashes can be applied quickly and easily to give you longer, thicker lashes for special occasions.